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        Shanghai Yuejiang Taibai Chemical Product Co., Ltd.
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      Shanghai Yuejiang Taibai Chemical Product Co., Ltd. is a high-tech joint-stock enterprise, engaged in technical research, industrial manufacture and commercial trade. Our company is mainly a manufacturing & processing enterprise for the coating treatment of titanium pigment and the manufacture and processing of active aluminum hydroxide, aluminum oxide, superfine barium sulfate as well as surface active agent. Our customers are involved with such fields as high-grade plastics, rubber, paint, coating, printing ink, chemical fiber as well as pharmaceuticals and food products

      In order to even better serve our customers, we have been continuously perfecting our sales network and improve our enterprise image, and continuously increasing the varieties of chemical varieties. We enjoy a first-class management of warehouse and logistics and has a chemical marketing team with rich experiences. Moreover, we have hired a number of experienced senior technical consultants, providing our customers with various technical services.
      Our company has independent import and export rights and is capable of independently acting as agents for customers import and export business of such chemicals as titanium pigment, aluminum oxide,barium sulfate etc.

      We recommended such products for you:

      Rutile type titanium dioxide

      Du pont titanium dioxide series :R-902, R706 R-105 Ukraine titanium dioxide serie::UR-02
      ISK titanium dioxide series :R-930, R-980, R-550 Australia titanium dioxide series:R575 535

      Titanium dioxide series for Joint-venture:For hard plastic, for color material, for gusset plate, pipe and fitting, for paint coating, for water-based coating, for emulsion paint. Our products are good at luster, whiteness, dispersion & dyeing force. With strong covering capacity, it can resist sunlight, outdoor element and UV light.

      Titanium Dioxide Anatase Type

      A100, A102, A101

      BA01-01(general), B101(for paint coating), B101(for color material), B101(for PVC )

      These products are small granule with high whiteness & decolorizing force. It has pure color. A100, A102 are similar to the same product made by other countries.

      Honesty is the root of our development. Quality product guarantees our development. We will provide product for you in good price. We aim to get co-development.

      Our idea ----"Quality is number one priority, Honesty is the root of our development, Co-development"

      Shanghai Danfan Network Science&Technology Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
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